Relationships are the foundation of our success

Guided by a commitment to our investors, partners, tenants and employees, AIC Industrial operates with a long-term perspective that serves the needs of those seeking a proven manager whose foundation is built on integrity.

Committed to our investors, sellers, partners, tenants, and employees

When we set out to find a potential acquirer for our buildings to complete a sale-leaseback, it was critical to find a partner who we felt would align with our core values operating with honesty and integrity through the transaction and after. As we progressed through the process and talked to potential acquirers, we were introduced to AIC and, from the first meeting, felt that the company had the honesty and integrity we were looking for in the partner we chose to align with for many years to come. After choosing AIC and going through the process, the way the team executed according to the timeline laid out from the start and the way they communicated was second to none. AIC made the transaction seamless and painless. The AIC team is one that I recommend you speak to if you are looking to do a sales leaseback of your property, and I would be glad to talk to anyone about our experience with them.
- Seller

AIC was proactive and professional throughout the offering process of our facility and then made a competitive and comprehensive offer for a sale/leaseback for our company. They promised an expedited, thorough and inclusive process and delivered on all facets. We highly recommend AIC for anyone looking to sell their facility and lease it back.
- Seller

Excellent experience from start to finish. They did everything they said they were going to do in a very timely manner. As smooth of a deal as I’ve ever experienced.
- Seller

The team at AIC Industrial was incredibly professional and left nothing to chance with open and frequent communication regarding our transactions; they even closed two days ahead of projections!
- Seller

It is a true pleasure to work with real professionals. In today’s business environment, we don’t see much of that anymore and I am glad it still survives.
- Seller

It was a pleasure working with AIC Industrial. Everyone involved in the transaction performed professionally and did what they said they would do. From 30-plus years of experience, that is not always the case.
- Seller

My experience with AIC was very positive. The transaction went exactly as they described and they closed early. Their team is very efficient and communicates well. I highly recommend them to any seller considering transacting with them.
- Seller

The AIC staff was professional, very efficient and maintained integrity during the entire process of our sale.
- Seller

The best experience I have had with AIC is communication. They quickly respond to my emails and telephone calls.
- Tenant, Chicago IL

During the entire upgrade all capital expenditures were provided by AIC. Our commitment was a very reasonable lease addendum…AIC is great work with and I will be more than happy to give a verbal or written testimony any time.
- Tenant Detroit, MI

As a tenant, AIC is very easy to work with and makes the entire relationship easy. They are very respectful and always willing to help answer questions. Additionally, they will research local regulations and codes, saving us so much time.
- Tenant, Houston, TX

Our owners and my CEO are very pleased our relationship and the progress we’ve made thus far regarding the building improvements. Further, I want to thank AIC for their patience and courtesy to my company and me. This new building connector and mezzanine project will allow us to transfer and store items more efficiently. AIC made its requirements clear and made the process easy. Couple this with the high reviews and remarks of AIC from my vendors and contractors, I couldn’t be happier. I could only imagine how chaotic and stressful this would be if I were dealing with bankers or loan brokers… So again, Thank you!
- Tenant, Tampa FL

AIC has helped our company tremendously by allotting funds for us to use for building and property upgrades. The process was very easy with no micro-management. The rules were simple, and AIC delivered as promised.
- Tenant, Milwaukee, WI

Working with AIC has been a great experience. At every level, their team has been skilled and responsive.
- Tenant, Cleveland, OH

Very blessed to be able to have been invested with AIC for 10 years. Thank you AIC!
- Investor, Austin TX

Reporting via Monthly reports, income distributions made 100% on time, could not be better!
- Investor, England UK

The monthly communications are perfect. I also like the stringent criteria for new property consideration.
- Investor, Chicago IL

You guys do a great job in all ways.
- Investor, Chicago IL

I have referred AIC Ventures to others over the years, and all have been very impressed with your track record as well as your team, as I have been.
- Investor, Houston TX

I am looking for “safe” investments. I don’t typically consider private funds safe, but I have been comfortable with everything I’ve seen to date from the Funds.
- Investor, Los Angeles CA

Above all, I sense that the firm is concerned about our well-being rather than us just being a participant in an AIC Investment.
- Investor, Austin TX

You have a great organization with very talented people and always willing to assist when I have questions.
- Investor, Houston TX

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